Solution for Automotive Industry

Client Reference : Toyota Motors (Thailand)

A mobile application for sales for recording car inspection detail, estimating used car price, and generating a price quotation form. Automation processes cover checking in customers’ cars at the center, checking and grading according to QC list through mobile application, printing quotation, and storing input data into database.


Technology : N-layer, .Net, Entity Framework, SQL, Xamarin


Smart Export

Solution for Energy Industry

Client Reference : PTT PLC.

An ERP system for managing and controlling polymer exporting operations; covering selling, shipment planning, tax, LC/BPO validation, and commission functions. Automation processes cover creating proforma invoice, planning shipment, executing LC/BPO amendment, and submitting information to SAP.

Technology : N-Layer, .Net, Entity Framework, SQL, HTML5, KnockoutJS, RequireJS



Solution for Manufacturing Industry

Client Reference : SCG

The system that provides approval workflows of Travel Authorization Request, Cash Advance Request, Expense Reimbursement and Remittance Request, post accounting transactions to SAP when complete. The system is currently using by all employees including international staffs.

Technology :, Spring, Nhibernate



Solution for Service Industry

Client Reference : Apple Auto Auction

A real-time, mobile application for used car auction business, it allows customers to participate in auction events from home. Automation processes cover entering car information data, managing auctioning queue, starting auction, and broadcasting live VDO while engaging customers to participate from home via desktop or mobile, and contacting for payment.

Technology : N-Layer, .Net, Entity Framework, SQL, HTML5, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, Cordova


Fund Transfer &

Cheque Issuing System

Solution for Financial Service Industry

Client Reference : Apple Auto Auction

The system consists of two main parts, internet banking provides functions for the customers to create transfer instruction, and back office provides functions for bank staffs to approve transactions and send instruction to destination banks.

Technology :, SQL,


DotArai Shopping Cart

Solution for Technology Industry

A domain and web hosting management system. The system provides e-commerce functions for customers to buy and submit domain registration and web hosting requests. Once approved, the customers can also manage their domains and hosts. The administrators can setup products and pricing, manage the requests, invoices, and receipts.

Technology : PHP, MySQL, Kohana


Job Recruitment System

Solution for Human Resource Industry

The system provides functions for administrator to manage positions, candidates and their status. Candidates can maintain their CVs and apply for a position.

Technology : PHP, MySQL, Kohana



Solution for Security Management Industry

An enterprise system for security management which allows business to manage, control, and monitor security guard patrol activities. Processes cover setting up patrol checkpoints, executing patrol, and recording checkpoints using QR code, recording incident with photos and videos, synchronizing information to server when online, and generating reports from central data.

Technology : PHP, MySQL, Kohana, HTML5, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, Cordova



Solution for Manufacturing Industry

An enterprise system for pest control business. Automation processes cover creating pest control contract, importing jobs from emails, recording onsite service results, recording data, following up problems, and generating several reports.

Technology : N-Layer, .Net, Entity Framework, SQL, HTML5, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, Cordova



Solution for Financial Service Industry

A platform for recording personal financial information to create tax plan, retirement plan, as well as study plan. Automation processes cover recording assets, recording income and expense flow, calculating tax plan, retirement plan, as well as generating  comprehensive reports.

Technology : N-Layer, .Net, Entity Framework, SQL, HTML5, KnockoutJS, RequireJS


Giraffy Auction

Solution for Service Industry

A game-like auctioning system. 

Automation processes cover registering via Facebook, choosing  products and buying coin to join the auction, joining the auction, watching live VDO, putting products in the shopping cart to checkout after winning, delivering, as well as scoring.

Technology : Xamarin, Signal-R, N-Layer, Entity Framework